Boelja (Markus Clemmedson) is a visual and electronic artist, meditation teacher and poet based in Malmö, Sweden. Boelja (or Bölja in swedish) is a Swedish word meaning “The rolling motion of the sea or on a field”. Or as Boelja himself puts it : “The name is a metaphor for the ever-changing nature of the present moment, always changing, always moving but not going anywhere. All that remains in every moment is the stillness within you, watching the unfolding of your experience.” Aliases include Boelja, SUM and Vidderna.

Ljudbilden & Piloten

Kristofer Strom is a Swedish multi-dimensional artist: composer, multi-instrumentalist, character designer, animator and video director with a hyperactive imagination.
In his work as a music composer he operates under the aliases Ljudbilden & Piloten as well as Be Yōkai – his collaborative project with Sebastian Mullaert and Douglas Holmquist.
As an animator his is mostly known for his groundbreaking illustrated video of Minilogue’s “Hitchikers Choice” track which has clocked up 6 million views on YouTube alone, garnered a smorgasbord of creative press coverage worldwide and won the “Best Budget Video” award at the UK Music Video Awards.


 SUM is a improvised collaboration between Boelja and Ljudbilden & Piloten that started in 2019.
There is no plan, there is only music.

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29th of July 2020




SUM is a collaboration between Boelja and Ljudbilden & Piloten. This EP is the fruit of a couple of improvised jam sessions in 2019 inspired by our live jams with Circle of Live. Minimal mixing and postproduction has been added and sometimes shortening of the material for the songs to be in a reasonable length. There were very few rules to the improvisation, we decided that the tempo should be quite slow, between 110 and 120 bpm and that’s about it. We usually just play around for a while until we feel like recording and then we usually jam for about 10 to 20 minutes.
Boelja: “For me improvisation is one of the most frictionless ways of making music. So much joy and very few distracting decisions.”
Ljudbilden & Piloten: “Every jam is an exploration in randomness. There is so many potential outcomes when two sonic worlds overlap. So many surprising moments!”

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